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Digitise your supply chain management and make it faster, simpler and more efficient.
For anyone looking for simple, fast and efficient B2B integration, Omnizon iPaaS B2B/EDI digitalizes, automates and speeds up communication with all your trading partners, no matter whether they are digitalized or not, use an ERP tool or operate manually.

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Here at Omnizon we have more than 10 years experience helping B2B clients get the most from EDI, and we believe that, as a result, we are ideally placed to be the ideal partner to help support you on your digital transformation journey. We have built an exemplary reputation as being a strong, committed and trustworthy partner who is able to help you connect your vision for tomorrow with today’s opportunities.

Thousands of companies have yet to connect to their partners through digital channels and our ‘easy to implement’ service can help them catch up rapidly by using one of the two principal models for digital automation that we offer.

You can choose to use an EDI Managed Service where we handle all the operational processes or if you prefer to do more of the work yourself we can provide an EDI integration platform on a ‘Platform as a Service’ basis (iPaaS). We offer both and can work with you to identify which will work best for you.

Why digitise

  • Boost productivity and staff efficiency

  • Improve profits, reduce costs

  • Reduced manual error-rates

  • Be able to do business with anyone, anywhere

  • Enjoy rapid and flexible integration with new and existing customers

  • Upgrade to faster, cheaper and more secure business process flows

Why use Omnizon’s iPaaS EDI platform

  • Retain inhouse management of your EDI processes
  • Give your inhouse IT staff the ability to develop new user-specific forms and processes
  • Retain the flexibility and control to develop your own IoT solutions
  • Manage your own API development journey
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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    Complex Data and Message Handling

    This highly intuitive administration interface allows every complex data and message handling process to be defined in a single process with multiple steps.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    Extended EDI functionality

    Whilst Omnizon Enterprise EDI provides the base layer for all EDI services (just as it does within the Managed Services offering) Extended EDI functionality allows you to connect with all your business partners who cannot operate a conventional EDI connection and so you can digitalize 100% of your supply chain.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    Internet of Things

    Collect the data from IoT networks and use iPaaS as a central repository for the aggregation, processing and routing of valuable sensory data.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    B2G integration

    Exchange messages and documents with public or government institutions.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    API Management

    Accelerate your digital transformation and eliminate data silos - improve the sharing and updating of data between different applications and systems.

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Why use Omnizon’s Managed Services

  • Your strategic preference not to use in-house resources.
  • Offload standard operational processes to a trusted and reliable service provider.
  • Freedom to focus your inhouse staff entirely on core business.
  • Simple and standardized solutions meet your needs best
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  • EDI Managed Services

    Enterprise EDI

    It eliminates the need for manual data entries and accelerates data processing between two or more businesses which in turn prevents errors, improves efficiency, and cuts costs.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    Web EDI Customer Portal

    Enables larger enterprises to easily integrate those customers without EDI capabilities into their workflow and so allow them to access the larger enterprises’ automated business processes. We can connect you with ’non-EDI’ customers, you don’t need to worry.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    Web EDI Supplier Portal

    Allows suppliers without EDI capabilities to access the automated business processes of larger enterprises and streamline their collaboration. We can connect you with ‘non-EDI’ suppliers, you don’t need to worry.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    Speedox Delivery

    Provides the fully controlled, prioritized, secure despatch of critical documents via email, with confirmation of receipt and full lifecycle log.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    e-Invoice including B2G

    Fully supports the exchange of electronic invoices in a valid and legally recognized format. It guarantees origin authenticity, content integrity, and invoice legibility.

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  • EDI Managed Services


    A centralized file repository that ensures the safe, fully protected, and access-controlled storage and retrieval of electronic files.

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Key benefits of EDI:

    • Gaining market advantage and growing revenue
    • Improving communication between customers, clients and partners
    • Developing strategic business improvements
    • Becoming resilient to any future disruptions
    “ The Omnizon iPaaS solution has given us a competitive advantage over other EDI service providers and choosing the right technology and the right partner has enabled us to become one of the leading EDI service providers in our market. And as we expand we know we have a reliable partner we can rely on. ”
    Zoran Đurđević CEO, Kala consulting
    • Cutting costs to an optimal level
    • Improved cash-flow benefits from accelerating processes
    • Investment and savings benefits from freeing up time and resources
    • Optimizing operational excellence by digitizing the supply chain
    “ Akton Croatia, part of the renowned international telecom group, are focused on delivering high quality, advanced telecommunications services to a large number of business and private customers. Since using the Speedox Delivery service instead of traditional mail, we have reduced our cost of delivery by 70% and we get paid far more quickly. ”
    Željko Beker CEO, Akton Telecommunication Engineering d.o.o.
    • Time and cost benefits from easier implementation of new connections and processes
    • Time, cost and efficiency benefits from automating and optimizing business operations
    • Reduced risk, cost and re-work from minimizing human error
    • Time and resources freed up for happier staff to do more interesting stuff by maximizing operational productivity
    " Almost every day we are connecting more of our customers to the e-invoice system, and at the same time the number and type of documents that we exchange electronically with customers and suppliers is constantly growing. This means faster business, fewer errors, lower costs and we can stop unproductive business operations. "
    Dario Galinec ICT Director, Franck d.d.
    • Better business outcomes from enhancing the opportunity to analyze sales statistics
    • Higher win rates through faster decision-making enabled by instant access to data
    • Improved deal size and profitability from insight derived from close monitoring of customer preferences and trends
    • Turbo-charge your sales growth by building digital sales channels
    " As well as saving us time and money, the whole process is simple…just a few clicks. Many of our customers are very large companies, and before this system, someone from our department had to enter billing data all day and spend huge amounts on printing. Now we don't have to think about returns or penalties due to data errors anymore. "
    Dejan Đikandić Sales Director, Znanje d.o.o.